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Personal Savings

Regular Savings Account

ACB Bank savings accounts are FDIC insured and earn interest daily.

  • Minimum Balance to Open - $100.00


  • Monthly Withdrawal Limit 6
  • Charge for Excessive Withdrawal $1.00
  • 24 hour access to ACB’s Telebank

Certificate of Deposit

Let your money grow in an ACB Bank CD and earn a high fixed interest rate.

  • Minimum Balance to Open - $1,000.00


  • Automatic renewal with a 10 day grace period
  • Interest compounds quarterly and is credited quarterly
  • Interest may be capitalized, paid by check or deposited to another account
  • CD may be used as collateral
  • Early withdrawal penalties may apply

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Everyday banking just got better.

ACB offers a range of checking accounts to fit all the stages of your financial life. But no matter which account you choose, they include powerful and convenient features.